2023-01-18 | 11:57:34

Mortgage Check Up

The last year has seen many changes with interest rates. Its a new year and it’s a great time to consider doing an annual mortgage check-in! Organizing a quick mortgage review each year can help provide peace of mind and ensure you’re on-track...

2023-01-03 | 11:57:36

Financial Health Check

Happy New YearAll the festivities are done, Santa has gone back to the North Pole for another year. It is now time to do a financial health check. Did you overspend this Christmas season, are you carrying high interest debt that you are having a hard...

2022-12-05 | 17:34:59

Adapting Your Finances

Adapting Your Finances The latest news has been focused on rising interest rates, surging inflation, and economic uncertainty with suggestions that the Canadian economy could be tripped into recession. With all this information circulating, now is a...

2022-11-02 | 13:03:53

Is It Time to Consolidate Debt?

Debt consolidation can offer big relief If your debt is piling up – credit cards, store cards, car and loan payments– then the interest that you’re paying could be standing in the way of your financial security. If interest rates go up as...

2022-08-04 | 07:04:02

Understanding Your Credit Score

One of the important factors in home ownership is understanding things like your credit score. While most people don’t really stop to think about this number, it becomes vastly more important if you are looking to purchase a home! In fact, your...

2022-03-29 | 12:35:13

Fixed Mortgage Rates Continue to Increase

The fixed mortgage rates continue to increase. The Big 6 Banks have increased their rates in the past week with an average increase of 20-30 basis points. The Bank of Canada 5-year bond yield , has closed at an 11 year high of 2.49%, which leads the...

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