2022-08-04 | 07:04:02

Understanding Your Credit Score

One of the important factors in home ownership is understanding things like your credit score. While most people don’t really stop to think about this number, it becomes vastly more important if you are looking to purchase a home! In fact, your...

2022-03-29 | 12:35:13

Fixed Mortgage Rates Continue to Increase

The fixed mortgage rates continue to increase. The Big 6 Banks have increased their rates in the past week with an average increase of 20-30 basis points. The Bank of Canada 5-year bond yield , has closed at an 11 year high of 2.49%, which leads the...

2022-03-15 | 07:07:22

Spring is just around the corner!

Spring is just around the corner!! While nobody enjoys Spring cleaning, we can all appreciate having a fresh home! Below are my favourite six Spring cleaning tips to help you tackle your home and get it looking its best for the season ahead:1.    ...

2022-02-22 | 06:52:31

Maximized Your Income Tax Return

Here are some tips on how to maximize your income tax return. If you worked from home more in 2021 you can claim $500 toward working from home expence without filing a T2200. If you are a sole proprieter, using a detailed approach may be better for...

2022-02-14 | 07:34:39

Home Inspections

In this housing market, home inspections are getting left out. Most home inspections are being completed after the house closes. If you have used your entire budget on the purchase of the home, there is not a budget for any major repairs if a roof or...

2022-02-07 | 09:53:54

Equity, Assessed Value, Mortgages and Refinancing

With the housing market exploding, you may think you have lots of equity in your home. Your assessment value has increased and your property taxes will most likely be increasing. This would be great if you were selling your property.If you are...

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